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Part-time Nanny

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

After being left in charge of my brother who is on the autistic spectrum for a few hours a week as early as 6th grade, I have been in love with caring for children. I am lucky enough to have looked after 3 different families in long term positions since 2016. I have babysat for children between 1 and 12 years old and find myself able to adapt to any gender combination and family structure I've come across! I make it a point to involve my strengths with children in all of my professional endeavors as well. I have been a swimming instructor, a lifeguard (I maintain a StarGuard certification in CPR and First Aid) a summer camp counselor, a tutor, and a babysitter along the way. I am also particularly passionate about my experience with children of all cognitive and developmental abilities. As an avid volunteer in my high school's Life Skill's program, I am an extremely patient ally to the special needs community. One of my proudest memories of high school would be my 4-year commitment as a Choral Leader in the High 5 Choir - a music class designed to pair up students from general education with those from special education to learn and sing together. On a personal note, I recently graduated from New York University! I studied Acting as well as Child Psychology, two fields that I find have prepared me very well for my continued love of childcare. As an actress and a musician, I am definitely a people person. I love to connect with children as well as parents and become a part of the family. I lead with my sense of humor and believe I am an extremely positive and compassionate person. Be it changing a dirty diaper or settling an argument between siblings, I am never afraid to get my hands dirty, and maintain my v v v composure under pressure. I find it a truly beautiful privilege to be welcomed into a child's life, and I am sure to treat every babysitting experience as such.

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