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Greenwich Pricing Information

When it comes to prices, no one likes surprises or hidden costs, which is why we make our fees as transparent as possible. We charge a registration fee to begin your search. After choosing a career child-care provider or household staffing team, you are charged a one-time referral fee. The referral fee covers the cost of screening your candidates and the time needed to carefully match the person's skills, experience, and personality with your expectations and preferences.

Greenwich Pricing Information

Our Nannies make

$25 - $40+ per hour.

Many families offer: 

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Overtime Pay

Min 2 weeks Vacation


Healthcare Contribution


private educators make 

$35 - $100 per hour.

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Engagement Fee 

The registration fee of 


is needed to begin the search for a child-care provider in your city. This includes nannies, newborn specialist care, housekeepers, and household managers. Please email us if you are outside of this location. 

Placement Fee

Full-time or Part-time 

Standard Nanny Full-time or Part-time Placements – 15% of gross annual compensation (one time fee at time of placement)

(one-time fee at the time of placement)

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Private Educators

Engagement Fee 

The registration fee of 


for a Private Educator search and specialized nanny searches.

Placement Fee

Full-time or Part-time Private Educator

20% of first year's annual compensation

(one-time fee at the time of placement)

Beach Deck

Newborn Care Specialist

Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency's newborn care specialist can provide daytime, nighttime and overnight care

Cost & Registration Fee

The hourly rate for a newborn care specialist will vary from $40-$60 an hour depending upon the assignment and the needs of the family, as well as the care provider's experience level.

Agency Fee

The engagement fee is 


Placement Fee

20% of total gross compensation

(one-time fee at the time of placement)

Registration Fee

Our registration fee retains our services for your search and includes:

  • 1-hour intake consultation with a care specialist

  • Comprehensive TTNA Hiring Guide


  • 1-year membership to Temporary and On-call Services (This can be limited due to Covid)

  • Introduction to vetted and screen candidates based on your family's search requirement.

Our Search Process

Step 1: Registration/Intake Consultation

Upon receiving your completed registration forms, we will schedule an intake consultation. Over the course of about one hour, we will learn about your family's unique needs and review the following with you:

  • Market conditions

  • Salary and Benefits

  • Tax and Labor laws

  • Pre-selected candidate resumes

  • Hiring Guidelines

Step 2: Interview Process

Tiny Treasures begins each search with all details about your family's needs. We then go through our extensive network of candidates and begin the process of bringing new candidates in.


Each candidate completes a detailed application, is interviewed by a recruiter, and gets an extensive review of prior work history. While we speak to every reference and verify those references. You are also welcomed to speak directly with all of the candidate's references before hiring.  


Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency will help you schedule initial interviews at your convenience. Once you have selected 1-2 candidates that you like to potentially hire, your next option is to conduct a working trial with the candidate(s) of your choice.


The trial usually is 1-5 days, giving you a chance to get to know your candidate and see if they will be the right fit for your role.  

Step 2: Background Checks

Tiny Treasures Nanny agency understands the importance of finding a trustworthy nanny or private household employee for your family. As part of your placement, we offer a comprehensive background check package, including the following:

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Report (All counties of residence)

  • National Sex Offender Check

  • National Wants and Warrants Check

  • Social Security Verification  

  • TrustLine Registration

  • Department of Motor Vehicles Report

Step 3: Employment Offer

Following a successful work trial and the completion of the candidates' background checks, you have the option of extending an offer of employment or you may choose to continue reviewing additional candidates. Tiny Treasures nanny agency will assist you in creating a written agreement outlining the terms of employment.

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