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Jackson, WY Nanny

Adventurous, entrepreneurial, and loving first-time parents seeking full-time, live-in energized, thoughtful and intuitive nanny.

Location: Jackson, WY + Travel, Experience: 10+ years, 

Compensation: competitive salary Role $105k

First-time parents are seeking a full-time, live-in travel nanny for their baby who is expected to arrive on September 21, 2021. The anticipated start date for this role is January 2022, as they will have a newborn care specialist for the first four months. The ideal candidate would be willing to care for the child six days a week and be open to changes, sometimes last-minute, within the schedule. The family spends January-March and July-September in Jackson and the rest of the year traveling (Caribbean, NYC, Italy, Japan, etc.). Must be energized, flexible and adaptable given their spontaneous lifestyle and be comfortable around a variety of people, as they love to entertain.

Both parents work from home and plan to be hands-on. There are times when the nanny will have sole care and times when the parents will want one-on-one time with their child. The couple is hoping to welcome the nanny into their home as a contributing member of the family. Someone who is considerate, service-minded, and has a “how can I help” mindset. There will likely be occasional duties such as unpacking packages/deliveries, helping with the dog (Australian Shepherd), light laundry, tidying up, and errands. However, the couple has a Chef Monday-Friday, housekeeping services 2-3 times a week, and a personal assistant. They seek a nanny who has many of the following qualities- loving, caring, intuitive, self-aware, self-sufficient, reliable, loyal, effective communicator, experienced, wise, energetic, and organized. Someone who has the newborn experience and is willing to commit long-term and integrate as a core member of the family for 5+ years is desired.

Residency in the US is essential (US citizen with a valid passport or a green card holder, the couple would consider sponsoring visa if needed but not preferred). Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. A family car is provided while on the job and experience driving in the snow is a plus.


● Primary responsibility is caring for the baby and all related aspects (laundry, organization, food/milk prep, restocking and ordering, prepping for short- or long-term travel, creating and maintaining sleeping and eating schedules, educating parents, and fill-in support on baby’s needs, etc.).

Additional Responsibilities:

● Maintain knowledge of all the phases of childhood development from infancy through school-age.

● Plan entertaining games, arts and crafts projects, and activities to stimulate a child's learning, imagination, and development.

● Implement outdoor play and other physical activities.

● Monitor the development of fine motor and sensory skills.

● Help with speech and language acquisition.

● Aid in the development of interpersonal relationships with siblings and peers. ● Follow and contribute to household protocols.

● Prepare the baby for all travel.

● Assist with special events such as birthday parties and family functions. ● Help prepare weekend meals for the baby and family as/if needed. ● Help with light laundry and clean-up on days when house cleaners are not around.


● At least 10 years, ideally more, of live-in nanny and childcare experience from newborn onwards.

● Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with high

emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

● Proactive self-starter mindset, willing to be a contributing member of the household, always finding something to do and contribute to even if the baby is sleeping or taken care of by others.

● Flexible hours and availability with an attitude of intense dedication and enthusiasm.

● Service and contribution-oriented.

● Positive and grateful-minded.

Required Qualifications:

● CPR & First Aid Certified

● College Educated Preferred

● Valid Driver’s License with clean driving record and familiarity driving in snow ● Valid Passport for International Travel


● Premium Health Insurance (Including Health, Dental, and Vision) ● 2 Weeks of Paid Time Off (Prefered to be taken consecutively and with advance notice during a convenient time for family’s schedule)

● Paid Travel Expenses related to all on-job travel

● Round Trip plane ticket covered for time-off to the home of origin or desired destination

● Matching 401K Contribution

● Equity with huge upside


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