At Tiny Treasures NYC Nanny Agency, we are a domestic household staffing agency that prides ourselves on matching families with the right caregiver for their home. While head quarter in NY, we serve families on both the East and West Coast.

We are a nanny agency that values the connection between the childcare provider and both the children and parents

The relationship a nanny, newborn care specialist or private educator has with a family is crucial to creating a positive environment and lasting relationship. 

We are a Household staffing agency here to help you find the right help for your family. 

We also know how important it is to have a nanny who helps your child meet every milestone, which is why we choose professional childcare providers who are developmentally focused.

Ruka is the woman behind Tiny Treasures NYC and she knows just how important having a connection is when pairing a nanny with a family. Finding the perfect fit not only gives parents peace of mind, but provides a stable and enriched environment for children in the childminder’s care. 

A nanny herself for over 14 years, now that Ruka is ‘Mom’ to a beautiful little girl, she has an even deeper understanding of how to match childcare providers with the right family. With insight on both sides, she has been successfully connecting families with nannies and babysitters for a very long time.

When she is not playing matchmaker to parents and nannies in NYC, Ruka is studying neuroscience at NYU's Center for Neuroscience and Hunter College Psychology Department. Her current area of study is adolescent and anxiety-related behaviors due to stress in females.