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Loving Nanny Needed for Twin Infants On The UWS 4 Days A Week

Loving Nanny Needed for Twin Infants On The UWS 4 Days A Week

Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

A loving family of four, on the Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY, seeks a nurturing nanny for their 3-month-old twins. The ideal candidate should have expertise in caring for infants to toddlers, creating a safe and nurturing environment. Fluent in Spanish is preferred. The nanny should be engaging, punctual, proactive, and capable of handling tasks independently. Light housekeeping, laundry, and introducing the twins to solid foods are also part of the responsibilities.

This position is a flexible, full-time live-out:
The schedule is Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 am – 6:30 pm (40 hours a week).
Additional hours may be required with notice, including weekends. So, an ideal candidate who is flexible.

Compensation & Benefits:
This position is paid gross with overtime. This position is $27-$35 per hour, PTO (e.g, paid federal holidays, two weeks of vacation, and sick days.)
A discretionary performance bonus.

Covid Risk Tolerance:
The ideal candidate would be vaccinated and would take reasonable steps to help prevent spreading germs (wear a mask if she has the sniffles/cough).

Start Date: Begins on 03/01/2024. This is a long-term role.

Position Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
Ensure the safety and well-being of the twins at all times.
Provide attentive and specialized care for the twins, considering their unique needs and development stages.
Assist with feeding, diapering, and maintaining the twin's sleep schedule.
Pitch-in attitude regarding general maintenance and cleanliness of the twins
Follows parents’ approach to childcare and embraces family parenting style
Manage daily care and supervision of the twins
Engage in age-appropriate activities to encourage the twin's cognitive and motor skill development. (e.g., picking things up, learning to use utensils, sippy cups, words, numbers, stories, puzzles, etc.)
Adhere to the twin’s schedule (e.g., any plan playdates and activities.)
Facilitate social development, helping to make connections with friends and attending playdates and classes
Ability to plan fun activities, keeping the twins active and engage
Ability to eventually for the twins.
Laundry for the twins.
Manage all aspects of their twin’s property with utmost cleanliness and organization, including meals/snacks and clean-up, hanging clothes after laundry, cleaning toys/books, diaper bags, etc.

Legally authorized to work in the United States.
Specializing in children aged 0-5.
Experience with multiple children, especially twins.
A minimum of three wonderful references.
Being Fluent in Spanish is preferred.
Knowledge of infant development and childcare best practices.
CPR and First Aid certification.
Fully vaccinated. (COVID & Booster, Tdap and yearly Flu shot)
Valid driver’s license is a plus.
Loving disposition.
Clear communication, comfort communicating honestly in difficult situations.

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