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Full-time nannies provide much more than general supervision. We do not believe a nanny is just a body in the room that just looks at the children, They work alongside parents, as a team, while creating an engaging environment & that the children in their care are safe, healthy, and happy. 

Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency is a household staffing firm that is here to help you find quality child and home care. Find a nanny, housekeeper, baby nurse, personal chef or other household staff members today. All of our clients get a new search tailored to their needs. So we are more like a recruiter than a database. We help you navigate compensation and benefits.Our candidates are vetted and screened. We are here to make the transition of hiring a great help easy. Let us help you find a nanny or more today.


From Full-time to Part-time. TTNA nannies are caring, highly-experienced and professional caregivers seeking full-time work with a consistent schedule and long-term commitment. Our nannies are experienced and are ready to implement daily curriculum for your child, encourage their development, and plan enriched activities such as games, arts and crafts, and other enlightening projects. Our nannies backgrounds are a combination of education, nanny and/or teaching experience, and continuing education hours. Our TTNA nannies typically make $28-45+/hour gross. Worried about how to pay your nanny legally, we partner with amazing household payroll services, making setting up payroll the easiest part of hiring a nanny.


TTNA nanny household managers are able to manage your home the way you need while managing your children's nutrition, safety, learning activities, pick up your children from school, organize after-school activities, tutor, run errands, grocery shop, organize closets, the children's laundry, and pull together a basic evening meal following the family's favorite recipes. This all while managing your home. The typical compensation for our TTNA Nanny/Household Managers is $25+/hr + employer portion of payroll taxes.


A ROTA nanny is an experienced and high-quality childcare professional who provides care for children around the clock, seven days a week, for an agreed-upon period of time, typically between one and three weeks. After completing this shift, the ROTA nanny takes the same amount of time off while another ROTA nanny fills in for her while she is away. In this system of rotation, the two nannies take turns working and taking turns off; they team up and communicate with one another to ensure that the care they provide is consistent. Some ROTA nannies work 12-hour shifts, and another caregiver is responsible for the evenings. Some ROTA nannies work alone during their shifts, whereas others will be complemented by a second nanny, depending on the number of children and the extent of their responsibilities. Get in touch with us so that our recruiters can assist you in determining what will work best for the lifestyle of your family. 

If you are looking for full time nannies and nanny household managers, look no further. Ti
  • What is a Newborn Care Specialist (incorrectly known as Baby Nurse)?
    A newborn care specialist (NCS) is often referred to as a "baby nurse" outside the US. A Newborn Care Specialist is a certified infant careindividual who will come to your home and help you with your newborn baby. When needed our Newborn Care Specialist can assist your family for as little as four weeks- up to several months. Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency's newborn care specialist can provide daytime, nighttime and overnight care.
  • Does "baby nurse" mean they have an actual nursing license or degree in nursing?
    No. Baby nurse is a term used to describe an infant or newborn care specialist. This term is usually used outside of the US. The correct title is a Newborn Care Specialist. This person provides support to families as they transition home with their newborns. We’ll provide you with an experienced and trusted newborn care specialist to assist you with your day-to-day when you bring home your new baby.
  • Booking a Newborn Care Specialist
    We recommend you start your search for a Newborn Care Specialist as early as the beginning of your 3rd trimester. We have newborn care specialists that are booked as early as six months in advance. We would be happy to help with any last-minute placements if your baby is on the way or already home. When considering the length of time you'd like a Newborn Care Specialist, we recommend at least 8 weeks of care. However, some families average 12 weeks, while others may have an NCS for close to 1 year. When creating a contract with the Newborn Care Specialist of your choice, you can specify a range of times that you would like them. You can always extend your time as long as the NCS has not been booked to help another family. It's usually important to give 2 weeks' notice if you'd like to extend your NCS's time.
  • Newborn Care Specialist Screening Process
    All of our NCS's meet with the owner of the company in person. They are asked detailed questions regarding their knowledge about child development, infant safety issues, scheduling, and breastfeeding. They must pass a nationwide criminal background check that includes social security verification. We call up to 5 of their personal and professional references. All of our NCS's must have current CPR and a minimum of 4 years prior experience with infants. NCS's that work with us are required to stay up-to-date on their vaccinations. They also have various certifications and must stay up-to-date on the latest safety guidelines for newborn care.
  • How is the Newborn Care Specialist paid?
    The family is responsible for paying the Newborn Care Specialist directly at the end of each week based on a per-day rate or hourly rate agreed in the contract. Our Newborn Care Specialists are $30-80+ an hour. ​
  • Do I need to pay taxes on my Newborn Care Specialist?
    An NCS is still considered an independent contractor. Based on your own state’s rules she may be required to receive 1099.
  • What accommodations are required for the NCS?
    For 24-hour care, the NCS will lightly sleep when the baby is sleeping. Most families have a bed or a comfortable space for the Newborn Care Specialist. Accommodations should be discussed with the NCS that you decide to work with. It is their choice to sleep in the room with the baby or in a separate living space with a baby monitor. For overnight shifts, you can ask the NCS to stay in the baby’s room or you can choose to provide the NCS with a separate living space with a baby monitor where she can read, work on the computer, or watch TV after her other duties are finished and the baby is sleeping.
  • Am I required to provide the Newborn Care Specialist with meals?
    With 24-hour care, families often provide the Newborn Care Specialist with food. For overnight care, it is not required but a nice gesture, but if you would like, you can have snacks and drinks available for the NCS/or night baby specialist. Some NCS will have meals as a request, so we suggest budgeting for this.
  • Do I need to pay for my NCS's travel expenses?
    The client is monetarily responsible for round trip transportation for the NCS if she is coming from another state or town. Some NCSs will also travel to your home by taxi, metro, or ferry and it is normally agreed upon if you as the client will provide reimbursement.
  • When I'm using 24-hour care, when does the NCS sleep?
    The NCS will usually lightly sleep when the baby is sleeping. She should also be allowed a 4-5 hour break per 24-hour period in which she can decide to sleep or leave the premises.

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Paige, Mom of 3

“We found an incredible French speaking nanny for our twins. They were very helpful and sent us great applicants! We definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a great nanny!” 
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