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Florida Nanny Service

At Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency, we focus on providing your family the best Nanny, Newborn care, Private Educator and household staff you deserve!

Whether you seek a full/part-time nanny, private educator, newborn care specialist, household manager, personal assistant, or private chef, we understand our client's needs and are here to deliver professional candidates.

Our Services

Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency proudly serves Miami and the surrounding towns in Florida.  We specialize in a very detailed in-home childcare and household staffing placements. Whether you need a Newborn Care Specialist (incorrectly known as a Baby Nurse in the US) for the first couple of weeks of your newborns life, or a full-time nanny that will partner up with your family. While we are here to help new parents and veterans- parents with their child care needs; we also help staff household managers, personal assistants, private cooks and other domestic employees. Short-term or long-term, full-time or part-time, we are here to match families with developmentally focused childcare providers.

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