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It's Gifting Season: Why Giving Your Nanny a Bonus Matter

Mom giving Nanny baby and smiling at her baby.
Giving Your Nanny A Bonus This Holiday Season

Amidst the chaos of everyday life and a pretty stressful 2023 economy, it's easy to forget the priceless contributions of individuals who assist us in keeping our homes organized and balanced. No better time than now to show our appreciation to individuals who have a major influence on our family's happiness than as we get closer to the holidays or other special events. Providing your nanny with a bonus is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation

Honoring Commitment and Strenuous Work

When it comes to the development of our children, our nannies are indispensable. They bring more than just their knowledge and experience to the table every day; they also bring the kind of unconditional love and care that makes them feel like family. Helping with homework, making healthy meals, or just being there for someone when they're going through tough times are all examples of how their commitment goes above and beyond.

Honoring Those Who Go Above and Beyond

It's nice to give a gift around the holidays, but a bonus is a way to show your nanny how much you value her hard work and dedication beyond the salary she already receives. It shows that their hard work is appreciated. By rewarding hard work with a bonus, you show your employees how much you value their contributions, create a more pleasant workplace, and encourage loyalty and respect among employees.

Expressing Gratitude

A bonus is a concrete way to show your nanny how much of an influence she has on your family in a world where it can be easy to forget to express thanks. This is a small token of our gratitude for all the hard work, patience, and love that they have shown your children.

At Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency, have also seen how not giving a bonus can make your nanny feel unappreciated, and have seen that the influx of nannies that apply to positions after Christmas are normally those who left a position where they didn't feel valued.

Creating an Example of Success

So set a good example for your nanny and the relationship by giving her a bonus. Recognizing and rewarding hard work is an important part of living up to your family's values. Your nanny will be more motivated to keep up the high-quality care she's already been providing and the peace and stability in your home will be further enhanced if you do this.


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