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Balancing Work, Home and Life

Work Life Balance

Many moms, at some point, are going to make the decision to either continue to stay at-home with the child(ren), or return to work either part or full-time. We at Tiny Treasures know first hand the experience of facing this decision. For some women, this decision comes easy and for others, not so much. We’d like to share with you some of our pointers in work/life balance.

First, when I came to decision to get back to work, I realized that I had to let go of the guilt. Instead, I looked at the situation differently and saw the value in contributing to my growing family. I had issues in thoughts arise of being able to flourish both at work and at home. I found that letting go of the guilt of not being with my child in combination of support really helped me be able to be fully present at work and at home. When at work, be there one hundred percent and when at-home be there one hundred percent. This is extremely beneficial. There is nothing worse than not being present with my son when it is truly his time with me.

I would like to bring to light the importance of support. We at Tiny Treasures have a great diverse team and some of the women are working moms. We are very supportive of each other. It’s important to find others, weather friends or a support group, that you can talk with when having strong adverse feelings to the decision of working. Knowing you are not alone is valuable in moving forward toward a peaceful work/home/life balance.

Second, aside from making the decision to go back to work, many moms feel additional anxiety regarding childcare. Will you be able to do your best at work if you are not one hundred percent comfortable with who is looking after your child(ren)? Outstanding childcare is fundamental to a successful working mama. You must know that your baby and/or kids are safe, clean, stimulated and cared for in order to prosper at the workplace.

Next, recruit help at home from your partner, family, friends or kids. You don’t have to do everything! Also, kids Love to help! Have them get involved with cooking or make chores fun. Don’t forget that ordering take-out or having prepared foods isn't going to label you as a Terrible Mom. As for some chores, I clean when I am at home and I recruit my son to help me. He has his own “supplies” and he enjoys being a Big Helper. Again, please take help and ask for it. Remember, It Takes a Village.

Lastly, as babies grow into young children, it gets easier. Newborns and infants require a lot of extras: breastfeeding and/or pumping, bottle preparation, or maybe you made her baby food from scratch. There is a big difference between a three month old and a young child of five. Still feeling like you are sleep deprived? Things get smoother and easier as they get older. Hang in there! You are doing your best Mama, and that is all that is required.

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