Become a TTNA Nanny

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TTNA requires all of the families that we work with to pay their household staff legally, abiding by all local/federal employment and tax laws:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • US Work authorization and be paid  legally
  • 3-years of most recent, professional childcare experience
  • A minimum of 3 amazing references and letters of recommendations
  • Ability to make a 1-year commitment to family
  • High School or GED Diploma and greater (4-year college degree preferred)
  • Proficient in the English language
  • Clean criminal records
  • Valid Driver License
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Willingness to travel, domestic and international ​
  • Valid passport holder or willingness to acquire one.

Our Recruitment Process 


1. Submit Your Application

We often recruit based on the positions that we have. While all positions are not posted online, it's important to get the ball rolling and become a candidate so that you can meet families. Submit your application online.

We will review your application and if it meets requirements, we will contact you to schedule an initial phone interview. 

If the phone interview goes well, we will schedule a face-to-face interview with you at our offices or by video (Skype/Facetime). After the interview we you will contact your references.

We do not accept any walk-ins. All candidates that we are interested in are contacted by a care recruiter and an interview is scheduled.

2. Screen Time

A thorough screening check will be conducted, as well as review of all your references. Please note that lying about a reference is hugely frowned upon and in NYS it's illegal. Read more about  Leo & Lulu Law 


If we find nothing negative through this research, you will then become part of the applicant pool for our families to choose from.

Nannies in California are required to get Trustlined certified. 

3. Interview & trial

If our families chooses to interview you,  we will help schedule an interview. Depending on the client, you may go through a series of interviews. 

Many families will conduct a trial with their top choice. Once the family decides to make an offer we will help you with the job agreement and negotiate on your behalf, if interested.


Prior to your start date, we will perform a background screening check and help navigate next steps with your new employer and cover concerns such as payroll and tax advice, employee benefits, understanding your work agreement and understanding your rights as a household employee in your state. 

4. Nanny Agreements & Pay

Congrats! You've found your new work family.  We will periodically check in with you see how you're doing with your new employer. 

Nanny/Household Staff Legal Pay

Benefits of Being Paid Legally

TTNA requires all of the families that we work with to pay their household staff legally, abiding by all local/federal employment and tax laws. With that said, we do not work with applicants who are not interested in being paid legally.

A Nanny, housekeeper, household manager working primarily in a homes is a Domestic workers. Domestic workers should be paid legally to gain important protections and advantages. Paying taxes will indeed reduce home much you bring home, but it will benefit you and your community. Not paying taxes and getting caught has huge consequences. Paying taxes or being "paid on the books" also comes with some great protections.

  • You have a verifiable income.

  • You have a legal employment history.

  • Your taxes contribute to your community's schools and infrastructure

  • You can receive unemployment benefits.

  • Eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits.