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Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency is your one-stop household staffing firm that is here to help you find quality household care. While we are well known for finding some of the best Nannies, Private educators, and other childcare providers. We are also dedicated to recruiting exceptional housekeepers, Newborn care Specialist (aka baby nurses) Personal Chefs or other household staff for clients around the country. 

Our candidates are vetted and screened. We are here to make the transition of hiring great help easy. Let us help you find your next household staff today

It’s true that finding the right household staff for your family could be tedious; everyone’s needs are different. We take the necessary steps to get to know your family and then pair you with the best fit possible. A typical search can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, and it could take closer to 8 weeks for that magical unicorn. So, whether you are looking for a housekeeper, a personal chef, Chauffeur, or an Estate manager, we at TTNA got you covered.

Staff shortlist


Personal Chef

Personal Chefs are trained cooks who are employed by a family or some household for preparing at-home meals for them for a certain fee. They will make especially a meal plan according to the client's needs and preferences. Furthermore, they will prepare the meals, and also clean up the kitchen. 

Household Manager

An estate manager is responsible for day-to-day managing and running of a private estate. They should supervise maintenance, manage staff members, financial budgets, and all related events. Many estates run as a big business, and that is why, an estate manager is expected to help with more productivity. Whether the estate operates as a farm, or a residential complex, the household manager must act as the liaison for the property. 

Personal Driver

Private Drivers will primarily drive and maintain cars on your behalf.  They work flexibly and make sure your daily appointments are managed efficiently. He will also drive your children to and from school, as a part of flexible duties. He will drive you to/from conferences, appointments, and functions in a proper and secure manner. A private driver can be hired by a family or an individual to move their vehicle from one place to another. The private drivers are required to aid their employer travel from one place to another or assist them in sending confidential packages wherever they wish for.


A housekeeper is someone  who will be involved in the management, cleanliness and organization of a home, such as cleaning, maintenance, cooking, shopping, laundry, and many more. A housekeeper is an individual employed to deal with a household.  They carry out all cleaning tasks in homes

Our housekeepers make anywhere from $25-$40 an hour based on experience.

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