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Finding a nanny, private educator, newborn care specialist, family assistant & more


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1. We Listen

Our goal is to find out as much details as possible to help us find your ideal candidate. We are here to listen and offer advice. We will discuss your job schedule, ideal candidate experience and education

2. Casting A Wide Net

We are always searching & Vetting new candidates. Since every family's needs are unique, we cast a wider net by searching for each individual family. We understand that one size does not fit all. We want to send our clients the best fit for their individual family.

3. Interview & Vet

We interview and vet every candidate before you meet them. Once we have completed the screening process, you will be presented with the candidates resume or biographies. You can choose some or all of the people presented to you.

3. Interview & Trial

Once we meet the candidate, we help you schedule a paid trial with your favorite candidate. This is a chance to watch them work and show them how you'd like things done.

4. Hire Your Nanny

Once you complete the trial and are ready to make an offer to your nanny. We will walk you through the hiring process. Educate you on responsibilities as a domestic household employer, help with employment agreement and connect you with household employee payroll experts if you need one.

5. Continued Support

Our support continues should you need any. We are always here to help, guide and provide any other things you need. We are always here for you!

We begin screening nannies before we meet them. We require an online application and resume submission as a first step. From there we conduct a phone screen, make an online presence analysis and check the court system for any infractions. We then invite selected candidates to complete a series of essay questions which read as an “interview on paper”. From there we invite the candidate in for a personal or video meeting. During this indepth interview, we learn about the nannies employment history, childcare philosophies and ideal family. We collect copies of identification and work authorization documents. We then begin checking the references of the candidate. We we are unsure of a reference, we use a PI to help verify validity.  We make sure the applicants is up to date on their CPR. If a candidate matches your search. We create a profile which includes photos (with candidates permission) and work history. We screen the candidates background to the greatest extent allowable by the Fair Labor & Credit Reporting Act which includes:


  • Statewide Criminal Background Report in all states lived

  • Driving Record Report

  • Social Security Number Trace

  • National Sex Offender Registry Clearance

  • Education/Degree Verification

(Our exhaustive selection process eliminates a large number of applicants who apply to our agency). Our transparent screening process allows you the greatest amount of control you will ever have over the selection of who will be supervising your child(ren).


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