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Engaging, Spanish Speaking Nanny Needed for Family in Tribeca, NY, NY

Engaging, Spanish Speaking Nanny Needed for Family in Tribeca, NY, NY

Tribeca, Manhattan, NY

A private family in Tribeca is looking for a nurturing, self-driven nanny for their three children, 5-year-old twin girls and a 3-year-old boy. The ideal candidate for this role is someone with experience caring for multiple children. Candidates with recent experience with children in preschool through elementary age.

Someone able to facilitate and create activities that are both fun and safe, keeping in mind that one or more of the children have Asthma. No smoking or recreational drugs, please. The nanny must be kind, firm, organized, proactive, a self-starter, and know how to troubleshoot issues independently. The family travels, so the candidate must be comfortable traveling and have a passport. The family has a French Bulldog. If there is downtime, they will ask for top help to feed or walk the dog. A Spanish speaker is a huge plus!

Candidate Must Be:
Punctual, morning person, as children & mother rely on assistance getting ready and off to school on Mon & Fridays
Organized and able to observe the weeks events to keep the children's day on track, timely and while emotionally preparing the children for transitions
Understands that the children are clustered at a young age, so having infinite patience and an uncanny ability to level with them, help them identify feelings, and regulate themselves. Aware of sensory hiccups (clothing & foods)
Keen understanding of Apple & Google technology well enough to keep a calendar, update a family calendar, communicate with a driver, parents and another nanny
Team player who works very well with others
Flexible with changes, although the children do have a structured routine - we anticipate colds a lot at this age.

This position is a flexible, full-time, live-out:
The schedule is Monday - Friday, 50 hours a week)
Mon & Fri: 6:30am - 4:30pm
Tue/Wed/Thu: Flexible
Additional hours may be required with notice. So, an ideal candidate who is flexible. (Occasional Friday/Sat night babysitting requested)

Compensation & Benefits:
This position is paid gross with overtime. This position is $35-$45+ per hour (th, PTO (e.g, paid federal holidays, two weeks of vacation, and sick days.)
A discretionary performance bonus.
Insurance reimbursement/stipend
Public transportation pass
Other Travel stipend

Covid Risk Tolerance:
Since the children have respiratory therapy requirements, the family would prefer a candidate that is mindful about activities that put them at increased risk for Covid and other upper respiratory viruses during the cold & flu season.

Start Date: Begins as soon as they meet the right candidate. This is a long-term role.

Position Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
Safety first.
Pitch-in attitude regarding general maintenance and cleanliness of their children, being aware of children’s asthma
Follows parents’ approach to childcare and embraces family parenting style
Manage daily care and supervision of their children
Adhere to their children’s schedule (e.g., School drop-off and pick-ups, and any plan playdates and after-school activities.)
Facilitate intellectual development (e.g., overlooking any schoolwork, reading, engaging with children etc.)
Facilitate social development, helping to make connections with friends & caretakers and attending playdates and classes
Ability to plan fun activities, keeping their children active
Prepare healthy kid-friendly snacks
Manage all aspects of their children’s property with utmost cleanliness and organization, including meals/snacks and clean-up, hanging clothes after laundry, cleaning toys/books, etc.

US, Work Authorization
Minimum of 5 years of professional Nanny experience
3 amazing references
Multiple children experience
Experience with preschooler and school age children
Valid Driver’s License
Valid Passport
Ability to Travel
Strong swimmer is a plus
Dog friendly! Willing to assist with pet care on occasion
Covid vaccination and boosted
CPR and First-Aid certifications
A Spanish speaker is a huge plus!

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