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Weekend Housekeeping Opportunity for Celebrity Residence in Jupiter, FL

Weekend Housekeeping Opportunity for Celebrity Residence in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, FL

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday, 9am-3pm.
Compensation: $40 an hour. This is a Payroll position
Start: ASAP
Commute: Must be able to drive
Other information: The family has 4 dogs, must be pet friendly.

A high-profile family in Jupiter, FL, is looking for a professional housekeeper for their residence. The overall responsibility of the candidate is to clean and maintain part of the residence, for a celebrity and her family. This will include setting a schedule on what needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly regarding the interior of the home. And understanding that prior to leaving daily, need to take a final look to ensure everything is in order.

NOTE: prior to leaving daily, need to take a final look to ensure everything is in order.

Criteria and Skill Sets:

Will report to the House Manager
Should have 3 years minimum, working in a 5-star establishment e.g., private estate, hotel, yacht
Must have excellent organizational skills. This job will require
organization and maintenance of linens, closets, drawers, and various workspaces. Must feel confident in obtaining, if needed, the necessary organizing units for greater efficiency and aesthetics.
Excellent communication skills
Must arrive on time and leave at the designated time unless a situation arises which requires staying a bit longer.
Needs to be highly motivated, flexible, team oriented and professional always. This includes: no cell use unless on your lunch break or emergency; the kitchen is not to be used as a gathering place, this is for family use unless you need to clean.

Cleaning and maintaining the entire downstairs interior of the family home.
This includes and not limited to:
Opening ground floor shades immediately upon arrival
Checking that all areas are free of dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Daily cleaning, vacuuming, mopping of the kitchen, the butler pantry, living room and all rooms and bathrooms on the first floor.
Observe when items need to be organized or put away.
Have a visual awareness of tasks that need to be handled during the day/week until your shift ends.
Plan what is daily, every few days, weekly etc. For example, oil treatment of the wood floor
every 6-8 weeks ; clean trophy room 1X a week; monthly clean all floor and ceiling moldings.
Keep a personal ongoing calendar and checklist so tasks can be manageable and detail oriented.
Refill spa waters
Wash glassware and silverware by hand
Empty and refill the dishwasher and run in the mornings
Be sure mats under both Spinn Machines and no warning light on Jura; be sure all kitchen appliances are working properly
Change and fill water in the kettle
Keep tennis closet organized and tidy
Packing for trips will be required by the lady of the house
Clean staff office and bathroom on Wednesday's. Note other staff members have the remaining days.
Keep inventory of all cleaning supplies
Rooms with furniture: periodically vacuum the cushions and turn. Be sure sun is not fading fabrics. Dust the bottom of all chairs, tables etc. Entire piece to be cleaned.
Bathrooms: be sure the sink, cabinets, drawers are clean and organized and properly stocked.

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