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Full-time nannies provide much more than general supervision. We do not believe a nanny is just a body in the room that just looks at the children, They work alongside parents, as a team, while creating an engaging environment & that the children in their care are safe, healthy, and happy. The responsibilities of a full-time nanny vary depending on the household and the number of children. It always includes full care of the children (feeding & bathing), organizing fun, light house cleaning related to children, educational and age-appropriate activities, engaging in social play, creative learning & discovery, and errands when children are in school.

Ideal Schedules

Full-time nannies generally work between 40-60 hours per week. Schedules depend on the family's needs. Many nannies can be flexible if needed. With many nannies being able to travel domestically and internationally.


You can see schedules where a nanny lives in, a rotating schedule with multiple nannies for around-the-clock support. Let us know what your needs are. We are happy to help you figure out your schedule.

Rates & Compensation

Rates for full-time nannies will always vary and will depend on the nanny's experience, location,  education and skillsets, and level of flexibility your family needs. Current rates for professional nannies are between a gross of $25–$45+ per hour. 


Here at Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency, we believe that when you hire a nanny or a household employee, you are hiring an extended member of your family. While nanny employers are not obligated to provide all of the benefits listed below, employers who wish to attract top-notch candidates typically do.


Most families offer their nannies/household staff:

  • Paid vacation- 2-3 weeks 

  • Paid holidays- All Federal/Bank Observed Holidays

  • Paid sick time- 2-5 days. 

  • Paid personal time 2-5 days 

  • Full or partial contribution to their nanny’s health insurance premium.

  • Many families also provide a discretionary annual year-end bonus. 1-3 weeks of nanny's gross compensation. 

Full-time childcare providers are paid 52 weeks per year. If your nanny/manny is available to work but you do not require his/her services, she/he should still be paid their normal wages.


TTNA nannies are caring, highly-experienced and professional caregivers seeking full-time work with a consistent schedule and long-term commitment. Our nannies are experienced and are ready to implement daily curriculum for your child, encourage their development, and plan enriched activities such as games, arts and crafts, and other enlightening projects. Our nannies backgrounds are a combination of education, nanny and/or teaching experience, and continuing education hours. Our TTNA nannies typically make $23+/hour net (minimum) + employer portion of payroll taxes.


TTNA nanny household managers are able to manage your home the way you need while managing your children's nutrition, safety, learning activities, pick up your children from school, organize after-school activities, tutor, run errands, grocery shop, organize closets, the children's laundry, and pull together a basic evening meal following the family's favorite recipes. This all while managing your home. The typical compensation for our TTNA Nanny/Household Managers is $25+/hr + employer portion of payroll taxes.

Nanny Household Manager

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