From Mothers Helper to After-School Care

Let’s face it, part-time nanny positions are the most stressful positions to fill for parents looking on their own and often for some of the best Nanny agencies. Understanding the root of the problem is crucial for a long-lasting relationship between client and their caregiver. It is important to know that fewer hours, with lower hourly rates, make maintaining a living wage difficult for candidates. Therefore, these candidates are often not dedicated to the position because they are always looking for additional income or a full-time position. We focus on placing career professionals that are 100% invested in your family.

Part-time Nanny

Are you returning to work part-time or just need some extra hands.  Whether you need consistent after-school care, a mother's helper, or a weekend nanny

Find the right part-time nanny for your family. 


Part-time nannies' responsibilities vary depending on the household, but often include full care of the children (bathing, dressing, feeding), engaging in creative play, driving the children to and from school and extra-curricular activities, assisting with homework, light tidying related to the children’s activities, and making simple, healthy meals and snacks for the children.


Part-time nannies generally work between 20-35 hours per week. Schedules vary depending on the family's needs but often include working either mornings or afternoons, assisting the family a couple of full days per week, working weekends, or providing after-school care.


Due to the nature of part-time work searches. Tiny Treasures currently does not work with families who need less than 25 hrs a week. Our goal is to make place candidates who can stay as long as you need them. It is important that you have a pre-determined set schedule as flexibility with part-time nannies is limited.  


Rates for our part-time nannies vary greatly depending on the nanny’s experience, the position duties, preferred schedule, and the level of travel and flexibility required in the role. Current rates for our part-time nannies are between $27-$40 per hour.

Due to the nature of the  PT  nanny market. Our Part-time nanny search starts at least 25/hrs a week. 


In addition to their wages, most part-time nannies receive the following benefits: paid vacation, MetroCard/travel reimbursement, and paid holidays/sick days.