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Now more than ever personalize the education that your children receive by hiring a Private Educator. This home school teacher can be the best solution when you are remote learning.  


Our candidates have experience with different educational styles and philosophies, from the big three Reggio, Waldorf  & Montessori to more classic or Modern techniques like unschooling and RIE.

TTNA’s private educators are allies in your child’s academic success. These dedicated private instructors are there to create a learning experience in-home. This can also be used to supplement full-time or part-time homeschool.

If your child is homeschooled, a child entertainer or your family travels the world. Bring a private teacher with you. Your educator can use the information from the world to encourage different ways of thinking and solving problems. Your private educator will create a curriculum to make each adventure an opportunity to learn different ways of thinking and solving problems. 

Private Educators have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Our Private teachers make anywhere from

$40-150/hr or $80,000-$175,000/year 

So find a private teacher today!

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