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Questions You Must Consider to Find a Long-Term Nanny

We all know the attributes you should look for in a nanny: flexibility, creativity, responsibility and so on. But is that all? One of the most important elements in the healthy development of a child is stability. When hiring a nanny, you want to be certain that the relationship your children build with this important person is going to be consistent and lasting. To make sure you don’t end up bouncing from nanny to nanny, you need to think about how this relationship will progress into the future. Consider these questions when interviewing for the newest extension to your family.

Does your nanny have roots in your area?

A potential nanny doesn’t have to be from your area, but it’s important that she has more reasons than just work to hold her down. School, family or some other important element of passion in the area can be huge incentivizes for a nanny to stay with your family long-term.

Is your nanny asking questions during the interview?

A sure way to tell if the person you’re interviewing is deeply interested in becoming part of your family-versus solely finding a job- is if they are asking questions. Interviewing a nanny who is saying, “yes, yes, yes” to everything might outwardly seem like you’re on the same page- but the nanny needs to be making sure this is the right situation for them as well. Asking questions about your child’s interests or sleep schedule is a sign that they are taking this seriously.

Does your nanny have a passion for children?

A nanny is different from a babysitter. You aren’t looking for someone to watch your child for a couple hours per night; you are looking for someone to contribute the emotional needs of your little one. Hiring a nanny that has a passion for children, whether they want to pursue a degree in childcare, or even want to have children of their own someday, can be a fantastic indicator that your nanny will treat your child with love.

Can you openly communicate with your nanny?

The nanny-parent relationship is key! You are inviting someone to essentially be a part of your family, and families need to get along! Not everyday is going to be peachy. There are going to be stressful days in the future for your nanny, and for yourself, where an open dialogue is the only way to progress through tough conversations. Effectively, you need to like your nanny as a person in order to enjoy a lasting relationship.

An inconvenient truth to consider when hiring a nanny is that they can leave at any time. This is scary but completely unavoidable as long as you find the right match! That is why it is important to be absolutely certain that this dynamic is realistic and consistently strong. The ultimate goal is to find a stable nanny who will contribute to the happiness and development of your child, while giving you a hand in balancing your life as a responsible parent. Know what it is you’re looking for and don’t settle for anything less than what you’re tiny treasures deserve.

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