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Background checks, how complete are they?

So, it’s time to hire a domestic household staff or nanny for your home. You interview and trial the most magnificent household candidate who is sure to fit in well with your family. Now you are in the process of opening your home and life to that someone. Now what? Background check, but how complete are they and are they even worth it?

We at Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency know first-hand the importance of checking references and conducting a thorough background check. You are inviting someone you do not know to look after your children, home and personal belongings. Your caretaker will be part of your family and it is vital that you start this relationship in comfort and safety. We here at Tiny Treasures believe in the old saying “trust but verify.”

We believe tat the background checks should be as comprehensive as possible. Everything from the persons last place of employment to whether they live with sex offender.

It goes without saying that overall peace of mind is fundamental regarding your livelihood. We want nothing more than to know that when we are away our children are in trusted, safe and loving care. We do complete background checks on all potential candidates. We also recommend mental health counselors if our clients want the candidate to obtain a mental health evaluation. It is worth noting that our background check process is also suitable for all our household staffing employees such as housekeepers, personal assistants, private educators, chefs, governess, Etc. We are not only going to assist in finding the best candidate that is right for your family but will also do our due diligence to ensure their credibility and safety.

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