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Tiny Treasures' Sitter Team 

Developmentally Focused and Available!

Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency is proud to offer occasional, event, temporary, and backup childcare. 

We offer families and companies an opportunity to book fully vetted and experienced sitters. All to give them the peace of mind needed to enjoy a romantic evening, work, or to travel. 

Tiny Sitter Team Services

Tiny Treasures Sitter Membership

This works well for families who need more care, but have sporadic schedules or do not desire a long-term commitment. Become a member and save on booking fees. Members also save on the sitter's hourly rate. 

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Your regular nanny is sick, or you just need a night on the town. Book a TTNA sitter so you have back-up care whenever you need it.

Events & Hotel Sitter.png

Need a sitter for your wedding? Are you taking a trip or need a Hotel sitter? We are here to help. Event Care sitters are required for families with 6 or more children. 


TTNA Sitters Team is fully screened and vetted. All have undone gone drug testing and background checks. They are also First Aid & CPR Certified.


TTNA Sitter Team is comprised of professionals who love working with children. Each have at least 3 years of childcare experience and are developmentally focused. 


Don't worry about your sitters payment and taxes. Unlike most agencies and online sitter sites. Our sitters work for us. So they are W-2 workers. We handle all payroll, insurances and taxes. 



Mother's Helper

Newborn Care*


Overnight Care

Travel Nanny

Wedding/Event Nanny

Backup Care

*Newborn Care Special rates differ. Please call agency for rates and availability.



  • $30/hr for 1 child (Starting at $27 for members)

  • $32/hr for 2-children

  • $35/hr for 3-children

  • $3 added for each additional child max 4 per nanny. 

* Please note that sitters hired more than 40/hr in one week, must be paid overtime. We suggest using more than one sitter in cases like these. 



  • $50 booking fee (non-members*)


  • $25 booking fee for members**


  • $40 booking fee for Hotels*

*Booking Fee is per Sitter





We understand that flexible and reliable care is very important. If you're a family that needs a sitter a few hours a week, a sitter after school to help your nanny or just a mother's helper for 10 days a month. Booking a Tiny Treasure Sitter may be a great solution for your family. 

  • $25 booking fee. (Non-members pay $50/per booking)

  • Pay $75/month  

  • 24/hr cancellation instead of the 48/hr cancellation fee. 

  • All booking fees, hourly rates, and cancellation fees will be charged to the credit card provided.

  • There is a 2-sitter minimum for 5 or more children, group/event childcare.

  • Cancellation of membership can be done anytime.






  • There is a 4-hour minimum for all sitter bookings

  • All bookings ending at 9:00 PM pm or later require a cab fare of $40 given directly to the sitter or you can call them an Uber.

  • All late-night bookings starting at 9:00 PM or later require a cab fare of $40.

  • All early morning bookings starting before 7:00 AM require a cab fare of $40.

  • Cab fares and optional tips should be paid in cash directly to the sitter.

  • After the 4-hour minimum, all booking charges will be rounded to the nearest half-hour.

  • Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency has a cancellation fee of $35 for all appointments.

  • If you have a nanny for more than 40/hrs/week, you will have to pay their hourly rate at 1.5. (time and a half)

  • Cancellations made within three hours of the scheduled booking time will be charged in full.

  • Families must inform Tiny Treasures of any illnesses within the family when booking an appointment.

  • Tiny Sitters are not authorized to drive children in NYC and Chicago.  All California, Massachuchette & and Florida families must sign a consent form.

  • All booking fees, hourly rates, and cancellation fees will be charged to the credit card provided.

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