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Red Flags During a Nanny Interview

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Nanny Interview

The task of hiring someone to take great care of your child(ren) can be a challenge within itself and it could be downright stressful. We want to provide some insight and bring to your attention some red flags to look for during the interview process. These are just a few of the things we look for as a nanny agency. Use some of these when sourcing amazing nannies on your own.

Let's have a look at professionalism.

Lateness, as with any profession, is unacceptable. The candidate is applying for a work position, therefore, should respect time.

Attire: How is the candidate dressed and are their clothes tidy and clean? Cleanliness and good hygiene are essential when taking care of newborns, babies, and children.

Phone Use: Does the candidate answer the phone or text while interviewing or seems distracted if the phone rings or vibrates?

Lastly, does the candidate understand professional boundaries? Is the conversation relevant or does the candidate talk about personal issues?

We feel professional integrity is a hallmark of any caretaker. It’s essential to have verifiable work references that reflect the experience of the candidate. Being transparent with work experience and one who is able to confidently talk about past jobs shows credibility.

Now let's have a look at the interaction with the child(ren)?

Does the candidate engage or do they appear impatient, distracted, or anxious? If they don't meet the child(ren) during the interview, do they ask about them to get a sense of who they are? Asking about the children's day-to-day is very important for any candidate.

We understand salary and benefits are integral to one's position, however, at this time you are interviewing simply to see if the candidate will be a match for your family. If you posted a position and have indicated the compensation range. you know that candidates will apply in this range. We feel a candidate that is overly concerned with pay rate and benefits during the initial interview shows their main focus is not on the children.

Lastly, we look at mental health. Does the candidate question or doubt their abilities to perform a specific task, talk about financial or personal issues or seem a bit off-centered? Or even self-centered. being a Nanny is a very selfless position. These women love the children they help raise. The conversation should not be just about them. Definitely use your gut and best judgment.

As a parent you will know intuitively the right person to take care of your kid(s). We at Tiny Treasure Nanny Agency are here to help ease your stress. We certainly hope you found this helpful.

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