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Great Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

Do you have a reluctant reader? Do you feel like your child isn’t really taking an interest in reading? Are you trying to find ways to motivate your little one to read? Here are a few suggestions to inspire your child to read and enjoy it.

  1. Often children take cues from their parents. Do they see you reading? Are you showing interest in reading? Try reading a book you are both interested in! Find topics that light your child (and you) up and find books with those topics. Often you can bring books to life by finding an exhibit. Reading about ducks and birds? Take her to see some ducks at the pond. Are you flying through the galaxy? Take a trip to the planetarium.

  2. Go on trips to library regularly and choose books together to take home. Get in the habit of going to the library, returning books and checking out more. Most libraries have story time on weekdays and weekends. Take him. He’ll enjoy being with other kids while hearing a story and you’ll enjoy quality time with your child.

  3. Read a book and then watch the movie. This depends on your family’s relationship to TV, of course. However, if you are comfortable, you can always make it a “Movie Night” event with delicious food and a treat. You can keep the excitement going by reminding your child how great it is to have read the book and now you are going to enjoy the movie.

  4. Keep the books on her own shelf. Having books at her eye level will remind her they are there, hers and accessible anytime. She will not need to ask for you to get them down. This will foster independence.

  5. Stock a few seasonal books in her home library and take them out during the corresponding season. With these as a topic, you can dive into the weather, animals, and holidays of each season. You can also rent seasonal books from the library. There are seasonal story books that can led to fun conversations around culture, holidays, food and regions.

  6. Don’t skimp on reading out loud even when they have “outgrown” it. Kids love this storytelling tradition and get great benefits from hearing you read out loud to them. It also gives tired readers a break to relax and enjoy.

We know this can be a challenge but remember to make reading fun. Find topics your child enjoys and get books to match his interests. If your mother-in-law asks what to get his for his birthday, suggest books of interest. Also, have him give books as gifts too! This way you are showing your child that books are great gifts and a way to connect with others.


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