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Hiring A Personal Assistant

Need a helping hand? Have you been thinking that it would be great to get some assistance in your daily life? We have all been in a place where we feel less than organized and that we really could use a helping hand. Work, family life and personal life can have you in a place of trying to figure out how to do (and organize) it all. Have you thought that you could use the expertise of a personal assistant, but the idea of finding one sounds a bit challenging? It’s not and let me say having a Personal Assistant (PA) is quite rewarding. Here’s why.

A personal assistant helps you manage your life and the demands that are required of you. Your PA will assist you in creating a life that flows even if what is being asked of you is challenging. Not only will your PA help in this flow but will assist in the organization of your life and the people and things in it. Need your calendar managed as well as your closet? No problem. Need to book your business flights, get a suit or plan a wedding. How about organize play dates for your kid(s), while booking the interior designer for your second home, and purchasing a new car for your teenager for their upcoming birthday. Not an issue—your personal assistant can do it.

We understand the importance of discretion and trustworthiness. Our personal assistants safeguard confidential information and have experience with high end clientele. We are thrilled to place our exceptional PA’s with clients as they assist in managing their lives resulting in less stress and more joy!

At Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency, let us help you find your personal assistant.


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