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Hiring a doula vs a Newborn Care Specialist

As a new parent, the thought of bringing a new life into the world can be both exciting and overwhelming. One important aspect of preparing for a new baby is deciding on the right type of support to have during the birthing process and after. When it comes to choosing between a doula and a newborn care specialist (NCS), it's important to understand the differences in their roles and responsibilities.

A doula is a trained professional who helps a woman in many ways leading up to, during, and following the birth of her child. They support the mother throughout her pregnancy and labor and speak out for her wishes while she gives birth in a medical facility or birthing center. Breastfeeding, postpartum emotional support, and healing are all areas in which doulas can be useful. Although they lack medical training, they can tremendously help the mother in both the physical and mental aspects of childbirth.

A newborn care specialist (NCS) is a professional who specializes in providing care for newborns. They are trained to help with feeding, sleeping, diapering, and overall care of the baby. They can also helpestablish a routine and provideg guidance on infant development and milestones. NCSs are also trained in recognizing signs of distress and illness in newborn, and can help educate parents on how to care for their babies

. They are more focused on the practical aspects of taking care of a newborn. The NCS can work during the day or at night. You usually hear a lot of people call them Baby Nurses or Night Nannies.

Both doulas and NCSs can be helpful for new parents, but the choice depends on what type of support you are looking for. A doula might be a better choice if you are looking for emotional and physical support during your labor and birth. If you are looking for help with the practical aspects of caring for a newborn, such as feeding, sleeping, and diapering, an NCS might be a better choice. Some families may choose to hire both a doula and an NCS, to have the best of both worlds.

It's important to note that doulas and NCSs have different levels of training and certification. It's important to check their qualifications and certifications before hiring them. Also, it's important to communicate well with them and make sure they understand your needs and preferences.

In summary, hiring a doula and a newborn care specialist (NCS) are both great options for new parents, but they have different roles and responsibilities. Both doulas and NCSs can be helpful for new parents, but the choice depends on what type of support you are looking for.

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