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Hiring an Infant Care Specialist

What is an Infant Care Specialist (incorrectly known as a Baby Nurse) and do you need one?

The answer is YES! Let me tell you the incredible benefits of having this extra help.

The precious moments of being a parent and bringing your sweet bundle of joy home is truly priceless. You are in awe and exhausted! You know having a baby will cause a major disruption in your sleep pattern, but no one really can prepare for the unbelievable fatigue that really takes place. Your sleep really is based upon the temperament of your little one.

Let’s be honest, when you first have a baby, parents can never have too much help. Another wonderful way to bring in support: An Infant Care Specialist. She is there to help ease the transition into being parents by coming into the home for several weeks to months after the baby is born by assisting with feeding, schedules, and overall complete care of your little one. She has great experience in optimal infant sleep routines, caring for multiples and best health and safety practices for newborns. She is there when you need her, and her schedule is personalized to match the needs of the family. What’s more is she has a great wealth of knowledge in parent support and assistance.

Whether you have multiples or a singleton, that perfect nursery might start turning into a blur. This is where that Night Infant Care Specialist, aka Night Nanny comes in to help you get that much needed rest. This is so Mom and Dad, Mom and Mom, or Dad and Dad can function the next day. She will help you and baby sleep by forming a routine to allow the best quality of sleep for everyone. She spends time with baby at night, keeps the baby safe, fed, clean and comfortable. She adapts to baby’s feeding schedule whether it be formula or breastfeeding. Your Night baby specialist will create a way for it to work best for each family.

We know the fierce protection parents feel when they bring home their sweet bundle or bundles of joy! It is so important for parents to get the support (and sleep) they need. Why not get the support that will bring peace of mind and rid you of fatigue? Let’s face it, there is no reason not to hire some help!

At Tiny Treasures, let us help you find your next Infant Care Specialist or Night Baby Nanny.


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