An Infant Care Specialist (Baby Nurse) is the attendant for your baby's initial three months or so. There are many parents who are not familiar with planning feedings or assisting their baby sleep calmly during the night. Many Baby Nurses work at night shifts to help the baby sleep well during the night while parents also get some rest. Infant Care Specialists who work during the daytime may assist with feedings, changing diapers, and bathing kids. 


Some families need a combination of both the nanny and the babysitter. A nanny works in association with the family, taking accountability for the protection and growth of the children. A babysitter specific jobs incorporate the kids’ laundry, maintaining the hygiene of rooms, equipment and, and, if need arises, the arrangement of the children's meals. Besides from childcare, nannies are also responsible for performing laundry, assisting with homework, and managing routine activity schedules. 

  • Our nannies make anywhere from a net of $20-$40 an hour based on experience, duties and education.

Personalize the education that your children receive  by hiring a Private Educator . 

Our candidates have experience  with different educational styles and philosophies, from  the big three Reggio, Waldorf  & Montessori to more classic or Modern techniques like unschooling and RIE.

Our Private teachers make anywhere from $80,000-$120,000/year 


One of the best benefits of employing a traveling nanny is that you can rely they can travel with you on holidays. Having a nanny who is keen to travel makes it easier to give you and your wife the chance to build some couple time during the break. For your nanny, it indicates working outside her typical schedule and seeking to bring the stability your child needs to an unknown environment. 


Many families are yielding the benefits of helping hands that manage and organize the smooth running of their homes. In this situation, a butler holds the family together. He can take the burden of a demanding family, mostly when that family has many jobs, and possibly when both adults are working outside. The butler is usually anticipated to manage all the irregular needs of the household. He pays the family bills, manages the store for the kitchen, and helps organize social family gatherings. 


Housekeeping Services refer to the appointment of a housekeeper who will be involved in the management of a home, such as cleaning, maintenance, cooking, shopping, laundry, and many more. A housekeeper is an individual employed to deal with a household, and the domestic employees. They carry out light cleaning tasks in homes, hotels, hospitals, etc. In big hotels, the responsibilities of cleaning floors and community area are divided among junior housekeepers. 

  • Our housekeepers make anywhere from $25-$40 an hour based on experience.


An estate manager is responsible for day-to-day managing and running of a private estate. They should supervise maintenance, manage staff members, financial budgets, and all related events. Many estates run as a big business, and that is why, an estate manager is expected to help with more productivity. Whether the estate operates as a farm, or a residential complex, the household manager must act as the liaison for the property. 


Our Office & Corporate Staffing services relate to temporary, contractual, and permanent employment opportunities. The opportunities exist in providing employment in the clerical, administrative, production, human resource, finance, marketing, education, hospital, and many more areas.  


Private Drivers will primarily drive and maintain cars on your behalf.  They work flexibly and make sure your daily appointments are managed efficiently. He will also drive your children to and from school, as a part of flexible duties. He will drive you to/from conferences, appointments, and functions in a proper and secure manner. A private driver can be hired by a family or an individual to move their vehicle from one place to another. The private drivers are required to aid their employer travel from one place to another or assist them in sending confidential packages wherever they wish for.


Behind every company director, you'll find an efficient Executive Assistant/ Personal Assistant. He or she will work closely with senior staff to give administrative support, and deal with secretarial tasks. A Personal Assistant needs all-embracing knowledge of the organization in which they work. Managers often depend on their Executive Assistant trusting that work will be managed proficiently in their absence.  


Personals Chefs are trained cooks who are employed by a family or some household for preparing at-home meals for them for a certain fee. They will make especially a meal plan according to the client's needs and preferences. Furthermore, they will prepare the meals, and also clean up the kitchen. 

A Domestic couple is a husband and wife team who resides at your home and act as caretakers for various household tasks. The wife can take on special responsibilities like housekeeping, childcare, cook meals and usually plan the daily running of your home. The gentleman will take care of your cars, cleaning and washing it, and in addition, offer a security aspect. Many clients enjoy the benefits of domestic couples.


A houseman's main tasks include cleaning and maintaining rooms, bathrooms, carpets, furnishings and the place of working. The cleaning of rooms incorporates tasks such as changing bed sheets, cleaning carpets and dusting furniture items. A houseman will also restock guest supplies, such as towels, soaps and shampoo. Besides these duties, they are also accountable for cleaning banquet and conference rooms. 


Whether it is a business conference or a wedding occasion, events help in getting hold of people together for a common intention. The Event Planners work to make sure that this intention is achieved flawlessly. They manage every detail of events, from inauguration to end. During the phases of planning, these Event Planners manage logistics such as registering guests and setting up equipment for audio/video. They help in developing event design, managing food menus, and much more. 


The different crew positions for a yachting beginner can get somewhat confusing. The availability of crew on a yacht relies on the size of the vessel. With the changing background of Yacht Crew, there may be professionals who manage these vessels in order to provide you with the most comfortable and safest experience. 

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